Wizards for Word

Oops. In addition to the mangled prose in yesterday’s post, there is an inaccuracy.

When using the Novel Writer wizard, the formatting of the chapter number and title on the first page of a chapter is consistent with the Writer’s Digest recommendation.

The problem is using Repair Wizard on text not written with the Novel Writer Wizard. That’s when the first page of the chapter gets geebled.

Has anybody found a way around this?


Wizards for Word

Has anyone out there used “Wizards for Word?”

One of the functions in this group of add-ons to Microsoft Word is to check text for conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style. I used this function on my first novel with moderate success.

The experience may have been better if I had used the wizards during the creation of the text (recommended), but the book was already written when I became aware of the product.

Since the package offers a slew of neat features, I determined to use it as recommended when creating the sequel.

Right off the bat, I ran into trouble. The wizard doesn’t seem to like the Writer’s Digest manuscript format. WD recommends that each chapter start on a fresh page with six or so blank lines followed by the chapter number & title, six more blank lines and then text. When I attempt to do things this way, the wizard wants to get rid of all the blank lines.

Does anybody have experience with this, ideas about it?


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