The Kitten Burglar — press release

E L O Q U E N T   B O O K S                            






Suspenseful Crime Drama That Will Leave You Breathless

 Kitten Burglar Cover

When both the mob and the law discover her identity as a thief, Kitten must team up with one or the other. Will she continue a life of crime or reform her ways and finally do some good?

Everyone calls Amanda “Kitten” but few are in on the joke—Amanda is a cat burglar. Life is great for Kitten; she drives a Corvette, has great working hours and enjoys a rush from plying her trade. Everything changes though when both the police and the mob uncover her secret.

Now, Kitten has to choose between joining one or the other and Detective Garth Moore presents her with the best option she is going to get. If she will employ her unique talents to help him bring down a vile child porn operation, she will be granted immunity and a new identity. When the mob is after you, a clean slate doesn’t sound half bad.

Kitten is reluctant about her new duties at first, but as she plays her part to protect the innocent in the unfolding investigation, she finds something she didn’t even know was missing—herself.

Publisher’s website:  

ISBN: 978-1-60693-380-0 / SKU: 1-60693-380-9


About the Author:

John A. Burnham grew up in Denver, Colorado. He has served in the U.S. Navy and been employed in a number of industries over the years. He now works full-time as a writer and considers himself the luckiest man alive. Though he lost his wife after 36 happy years, he was fortunate enough to reconnect with his first sweetheart, fall in love again, and remarry. What’s more, John has close friendships with all three of his grown children. He currently lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada where he is working on a number of different stories.

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Ellen Green —

Strategic Book Group

845 Third Avenue, 6th floor-6016 – New York, NY 10022  –  http://www.EloquentBooks.com

1-888-808-6190 – Corporate Office


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