Wizards for Word

Has anyone out there used “Wizards for Word?”

One of the functions in this group of add-ons to Microsoft Word is to check text for conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style. I used this function on my first novel with moderate success.

The experience may have been better if I had used the wizards during the creation of the text (recommended), but the book was already written when I became aware of the product.

Since the package offers a slew of neat features, I determined to use it as recommended when creating the sequel.

Right off the bat, I ran into trouble. The wizard doesn’t seem to like the Writer’s Digest manuscript format. WD recommends that each chapter start on a fresh page with six or so blank lines followed by the chapter number & title, six more blank lines and then text. When I attempt to do things this way, the wizard wants to get rid of all the blank lines.

Does anybody have experience with this, ideas about it?


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